Upgrade to VIP with save-a-mate at Curve Ball 2019!

If you want access to an EXCLUSIVE VIEWING PLATFORM & EXTRA TOILETS at Curve Ball 2019 then keep reading.

We feel that knowledge about harm reduction are essential skills that EVERYONE can have.  That is why we’re also offering this program to YOU.

The training will offer simple tips on how to stay safe, plus how you can help someone who is unwell or experiencing an overdose on alcohol or drugs.

Since 2015, Fuzzy has been working with the Australian Red Cross to provide drug and alcohol harm reduction training for all our event, bar and security staff and our customers!

Would you know what to do if someone overdosed on alcohol or other drugs?

The complimentary training sessions will be running during Curve Ball 2019 at the Red Cross save-a-mate Chill Out Space which will be located next to the First Aid tent.

Be one of the first 50 patrons to do the training and receive an exclusive entry to a viewing platform and extra VIP toilets at Curve Ball! Yes, you read correct! You, your friends (if they were smart enough to do the training with you) and sensational views from the viewing platform!!

Anyway, do the training. You won’t regret it.

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