The OFFICIAL INTIX RESALE is now open for Listen Out and Listen In! This is the only place to safely and securely buy and sell tickets.


How can I sell my ticket?

All you need to do is: log into your Fuzzy account (using the same email address your ticket was sent to), click ‘View Order’ and click ‘Sell Ticket’. Please ensure to read the warning carefully as well as the Terms and Conditions before clicking the ‘I wish to resell my ticket’ button.


How will I know my ticket has been sold?

You will receive a confirmation email.

You can also log into your Fuzzy account and check this under ‘View Order’.


When can I expect funds to be returned to my account?

After receiving confirmation your ticket has been sold, funds will be returned to the account used for purchase after the ticket has been purchased. Please allow up to 72 hours (not including weekends and public holidays) for funds to appear back on your card depending on your bank.


Oops, I accidentally listed my ticket on the resale site. Can I take it down?

You can remove your ticket from the resale pool by logging in to your Fuzzy account and viewing your tickets. If a ticket has been put up for resale this will be noted next to it and you can choose to remove it.


What if my ticket doesn’t sell?

We cannot guarantee a ticket will sell on the resale site, however, resale tickets are going quickly given they are cheaper than purchasing outright and Listen Out has sold out in every city since 2016. If your ticket does not sell when the resale site closes, it will be returned to you and you can use it.

For more information, please visit the Resale: Seller’s Guide on the InTix website.

How can I know if my ticket is listed on the resale site? 

When you login to your Fuzzy account, under ‘My Orders’ the ticket will note that ‘This ticket has been listed on resale’. 



How can I buy a ticket on the resale site?

Head to, select your city, click ‘buy tickets’, create or log into your Fuzzy account and check out the ticket you wish to purchase.


How do I receive my ticket?

Your ticket will be emailed to you within 24 hours and will appear in your Fuzzy account.


The ticket type I want to buy isn’t listed, what can I do?

Keep checking back as tickets are added every day!

For more information, please visit the Resale: Buyer’s Guide on the InTix website.


For further enquiries, please email [email protected]