Hot Dub On The Harbour Accessibility

Companion Cards
We are a proud supporter of the companion card program. To request a ticket for your companion, please complete this form.


Assistance Animals
Accreditation for assistance animals differs across Australia. To help us support you and your Assistance Animal request on site, please email [email protected] and include relevant evidence, permits or certification for your assistance animal or phone 02 9699 2454.

An animal qualifies as an assistance animal if it is trained to assist a person with disability and trained to meet standards of hygiene and behaviour that are appropriate for an animal in a public place.


Event Drop Off/Pick Up Point
The accessible drop-off and pick up zone is located near the Accessible Entry at the turning circle on Mrs Macquaries Road, across the road from the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool. This point is also the public drop off/pick-up zone.


Accessible Entry
The Accessible Entry is located the left of Guest Services on Mrs Macquaries Road (view map for location). The path from the drop off point to the entry is flat ground/road. The entry is signposted and a staff member will be there to scan your tickets until 6PM.


Event Accessibility
From the entry point, it is a continuous concrete path straight to the viewing area in front of the stage. This path is on a decline towards the stage and incline back up to the entrance. There are numerous other concrete pathways throughout the event. Where there is not concrete, the ground is mostly grass. All bars will have lower service points and bar menus on counters. Event facilities will also have lower service points.


Accessible Viewing Area
There is a designated accessible viewing area near the front of the stage, next to Delay Tower Number 2. Access to this area is by the seawall concrete path. Our friendly staff will be there to assist upon entry.


Sensory Considerations
During the show, there will be the following special effects on the stage:
> Flashing lights
> C02 bursts
> Pyro bursts


Accessible Toilets
There are two accessible toilets on site:

1. On the lower half of the site, in the main toilet block
2. Behind the Medical Tent